About H Oil & Minerals Ltd

Company overview, strategic equity partners and connections

Company Overview

H Oil & Minerals founded in early 2006 is the specialist oil, gas and mineral exploration, development and trading company of the H Oil group.

The Company seeks to acquire, or co-invest with our strategic partners, in oil, gas and mineral exploration assets throughout Africa, and act as operators for such assets. Additionally, and in support of its upstream oil, gas and mineral exploration activities, the Company engages in strategic trading opportunities for these commodities.

H Oil & Minerals exploration and development team were responsible for the operations of oil and gas exploration assets in 23 countries on six continents. Together they were responsible for projects discovering in excess of 1.9 billion boe of hydrocarbons.

The Company’s senior management has accumulated more than 200 years of oil, gas and minerals exploration and trading expertise.

Strategic Equity Partners

H Oil & Minerals Ltd, in addition to the H Oil Group, has equity partners involved in its African exploration activities. These investors include European high-net worth oil industry veterans, and a state-owned African oil and gas major.

Please contact us for more details on our strategic equity partners.

Strong Links

Over many years we have been building trusted relationships with national administrations and local partners throughout Africa. With both a portfolio of world-class exploration acreages (South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo), and a well-established technical team, we have shown transaction structuring and execution expertise.

We have built privileged partnerships with National Oil Companies in Africa, as well as indigenous partnerships (South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, etc.), and have recently developed a strategic cooperation with renowned Chinese oilfield services providers and equipment manufacturers.

We have demonstrated our ability to substantially reduce financial and technical risks in oil & gas exploration and production, but also to cross-sell government infrastructure projects and develop trading opportunities.

Our geographical focus is Sub Saharan Africa (South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Angola, Uganda, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Tanzania, Liberia, etc.), where we target projects such as high quality oil and mining exploration assets, often in post-conflict environments, marginal field programs (Nigeria), as well as strategic trading and energy infrastructure opportunities.