Social Development Programmes

In consultation with host governments, local governments and community leaders, H Oil seeks to allocate its social development commitments across a range of initiatives, according to the needs of the communities in question. These initiatives may include any or all of the following:

Programmes focused on education:

  • On the cause and symptoms of malaria.
  • On access to and effectiveness of treatment.
  • On best implementation of preventative measures.

Programmes focused on prevention:

  • Long-lasting insecticide treated bed nets.
  • Targeted indoor spraying.

Program attending basic needs, familiar needs, psychological support, education and professional courses and education for peace.

  • Source and provide usage training on PUR (Purifier of Water) water sachets. One sachet can purify up to 10 litres of contaminated water.
  • Provide up to one million sachets per village.

Provide funds and project management to build and rebuild basic facilities such as school rooms, clinics and community centres.

  • Provide sports equipment for village schools and youth organizations.
  • Sponsor local teams.
  • Establish safe play areas such as football pitchs and playground equipment in villages.

Provide funds and project management to establish vocational training centres focused on primary education and ‘apprenticeship’ training.

Scholarship and Training Programmes

H Oil aims to give back to its host communities through education and training programmes, and delivers financial support for a range of education projects that provide real and long-lasting benefits to local people.

We believe that our investment in this area helps some of the poorest people in the world to obtain the gift of education, ultimately helping them realise their true potential and contribute productively to the enrichment of the society to which they belong.