Competitive Advantages

Our strategic focus

Sustainable Competitive Advantages

H Oil & Minerals has had early success due to what we believe are our sustainable competitive advantages:

  • Leveraging the trusted relationships of the H Oil group with national administrations and local partners throughout Africa

  • World-class, proven exploration and production team

  • Proven transaction structuring and execution expertise

  • Strategic alliance with a first-line African state oil and gas company

  • Ability to substantially reduce financial and technical risks in exploration and production

  • Ability to cross-sell government infrastructure projects and develop trading opportunities

Where We Target For Advantage

We concentrate our strategic focus on specific opportunities that leverage our strengths:

  • Our specialist exploration and production focus is Africa (South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Angola etc)

  • Trusted relationships with national administrations developed over many years with the H Oil group

  • High quality oil and mining exploration assets, often in post-conflict environments

  • Privileged partnerships with National Oil Companies

  • Indigenous partnerships

  • Marginal fields programs

  • Distressed and bankruptcy situations

  • Strategic trading and energy infrastructure opportunities